"Our world is far from accessible. We believe that people with disabilities deserve equitable resources, and that being comfortable and functional should not be a privilege.

We're working to make a change."

LAMN put it best, "our world is far from accessible." With this project, I found it important that the campaign be as cost-effective as possible, so that as little could be spent on advertising as possible. It was important for me to create a campaign that would have a uniqueness to draw the viewer in, without breaking bank.

I landed on cut-paper collage and stop-motion animation.
All five animations were able to be shot in one sitting, using a home-made jig, and were virtually free to produce as well as being comprised almost entirely of recycled paper and found objects.
view the LAMN website here to donate or learn more about Laughing At My Nightmare
For educational purposes only>>> I do not own the image of Shane's face, nor any of the branding for Laughing At My Nightmare

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